Our Mission

The Adoptee Rights Campaign is a diverse group of intercountry adoptees and allies striving to advance adoptee rights. Our current work focuses on passing the Adoptee Citizenship Act to ensure that all intercountry adoptees in the U.S. have the citizenship they should have obtained as children when they were brought into the country.
The Adoptee Rights Campaign (ARC) expressed purpose is to educate, organize and advocate for adoptee and human rights. These include but are not limited to the rights to automatic citizenship in the receiving country, adoption information, birth family information, health history, support systems and networks, safe and healthy adoption placements.


Since the beginning of our campaign in 2015, adoptees from over twenty-five countries including South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, China, Japan, Thailand, Great Britain, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, India, Haiti, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, St. Kitts, Somoa and others have come forward with citizenship failure.

ARC is the only known organization in the world to be led by impacted adoptees with a mission to educate, organize, and advocate for adoptee rights. By promoting corrective legislation and advocating for the prevention of deportation, we aim to empower adoptees toward family unity, economic stability, and community engagement.

ARC  works with adoptees, adoptive parents, legal associations, adoption coalitions, human rights organizations, and many other network affiliates in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Nevada, Washington, Washington DC, Virginia, Arizona, and Texas. We also work closely with the South Korean government to foster government to government advocacy and for case support services to South Korean adoptees without US citizenship.

ARC welcomes those eager to spread awareness and community-level interest striving to secure citizenship for intercountry adoptees.

Our Mission

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