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A delegation of ten proudly met with 13 legislators in their Washington D.C. offices and hand delivered a total of 6,069 signed postcards. Signed postcards signifies American constituents across the United States throughout supporting the Adoptee Citizenship Act.

Adoptee Rights Campaign delegates attend a cosponsor meeting with staffers from Representative Trent Franks (Arizona) and Senator Dan Coates (Indiana) on October 04, 2016
Several visits, meetings, and drop-offs to deliver signed postcards were conducted by the delegates to these legislators.

  • AZ: Flake
  • CA: Issa, Calvert
  • IA: Grassley, Ernst, King
  • MD: Harris
  • NV: Heller
  • OR: Warden
  • PA: Toomey
  • TX: Cornyn
  • VA: Comstock
  • AZ/IN: Franks & Coats

Join us and thousands of others across the country by urging members of Congress to co-sponsor the Adoptee Citizenship Act bill and move it out of the Judiciary committee by:

  • Calling your Member of Congress on November 16th. The visits will be significantly amplified when offices receive thousands of calls at the same time. Five minute calls are how you can help. Find your representative(s) by clicking: Call Congress
  • Ask community leaders and organizations to endorse and/or host a postcard event in the time remaining.
  • Donate to the Adoptee Rights Campaign to support postcard printing and postage costs and the travel costs of Justin’s delegation by Paypal or credit card.

Thank you for your support! Together we can achieve justice for all adoptees!

Share your own story (adoptees without citizenship, parent(s) of adoptee(s) without citizenship, etc) Email (Please write “Story Collection” in the Subject line) or send us your story online.

Note: Remember to spread the word via social media using the #citizenshipforalladoptees

For more information, email us at

October 2016 Day of Action

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