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Story Collection

Legislators need to hear powerful testimonies from adoptees without citizenship to better understand the struggles to shape how passing the Adoptee Citizenship Act will help residents.

Please upload a Word or text file/document under 25 MBs in size. In the file, include a valid email address with an alias or fictional name you prefer to be known by, if any. Indicate the state of residence (or last state of residence if no longer in the U.S.) and the state your adoption took place. Adoptee Rights Campaign leadership will follow up and contact you via email for possible revision needs.

ARC helps adoptees revise, proofread and provides supportive needs (such as facilitation) who wish to be connected, interviewed, quoted, or featured by media/reporters/journalists wanting to address efforts and needs for the Adoptee Citizenship Act. ARC will explicitly observe your wishes if regarding sharing your narrative be through the website.

Length: 500-800 words or 1-2 paragraphs which can be conveyed to a legislator.
Longer stories can be used if you wish to have your story published by media sources as editorials, opinion-eds, guest column/blog.

Sharing your story takes remarkable courage! You are not alone.

ARC may not follow up on stories about adoptees naturalized as children (before the age of 18), adoptees covered by the Child Citizenship Act, and non-adopted citizens, while essential to expressing the vast and layered experiences related to adoption.

You can also share a family photo (old or new) with us.

please submit your stories to