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Each week, an adoptee courageously shares their narrative, voicing insight and untold struggles of what it means to live as an adoptee without citizenship. Because of our ARC leaders, 6,069 signed postcards were collected during September and delivered in early October. [Read more]

Explore Sara’s life as an adoptee finding out she is without citizenship after having been raised in the Western part of the United States as part of a military family.

Sara as a child.*Sara, Leader for Day of Action delegation in Washington, D.C. on 10/06/2016. [Sara’s story]

Are you or your family members veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, and shocked? Send legislators a personal message on an ePostcard.

Outside the USCIS building

AndreaA Leader for Day of Action delegation in Washington, D.C. on 06/14/2016 also serves as web admin for the Adoptee Rights Campaign, collaborates on grassroots and investigative research strategies. [Andrea’s story]

Explore Andrea’s narrative as an adoptee without citizenship residing in the Southwest. *On Thursday October 13th, thanks to Arizona U.S. Senator McCain’s support, Andrea was able to be recognized as a U.S. Citizen.  Her date of citizenship is backdated to match the date of the court issued adoption records 30 years ago. Please read her press release HERE.  A victory of the Adoptee Rights Campaign, Andrea remains committed to fighting for citizenship for all adoptees.

Adoptee femaleMC, Delegation leader for the Day of Action in Washington, D.C. on 04/19/2016. MC is also a parent, the ACA would benefit both her and her children. [MC’s full story]

We invite you to submit a family photo to show Congress adoptees are an essential part of American families.

photo of justin ki hong, an adopteeJustin, Delegation leader for the Day of Action in Washington, D.C. on 10/04/2016. [Justin’s full story]

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Story Collection

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